School Fees 2020


One Learner Two Learners Three Learners
R5 500 To Be Confirmed To Be Confirmed


Terms of payments are available with the conditions that:

  • Payments are made regularly.
  • Payments not less than specified
  • NB!! The full amount to be settled on or before the end of October 2020.
  • That the date owing does not exceed a 60 day period.
  • That the finance office be informed of any revelant information or change of payment dates.
  • NB!! No school fees will be receipted after 2pm on a Friday.



Full Payment before

Feb '20 (-10%)

Full Payment after

Feb 2020

Per Term

in advance

Monthly 2020,

Jan - October

One Learner        
Two Learners        
Three Learners        

# If no indication was made to the finance office which terms you prefer, it will automatically be expected to be paid on a monthly basis.

Statements will be sent during the year to your postal address.  We shall thus keep you updated with your monthly balance throughout the year.  To enable us to provide this service to you, it will be your responsibility to notify the finance office of changes of address and telephone numbers, etc.

We appeal to you to read and check your statements and letters that are sent, to avoid any inconvenience or legal implications.  If you experience any problems concerning school fees, please come and see us personally, for a speedy resolution!


Approved Budget for 2020