We are the recipients of a heritage of which we are justly proud.  When General Smuts High School was founded in 1953, the right educational foundations were laid, and strong goals set.  Under the leadership of Mr Bredell, Mr Gibson, Mr Staples, Mr Myburgh, Mr Bartie and at present Mr Maré, we have maintained our inheritance, and we have reached out to the future, and kept abreast of the changing world and all it has to offer.

Our school is the oldest and largest English medium High School in the Vaal Triangle.

We try to instill civic awareness so that the learners can learn to care for others and show compassion for those in need.  The school's proud history of service to the community and its achievements over the years bears testimony to this.

The grounds are some 17 hectares in extent.  Both the school and the boarding establishments are situated in this area in addition to the sports facilities. The school also leases 2 hectares of land on the Vaal River for the use of the Rowing Club.

We encourage active participation in a wide range of sporting and cultural activities so that team spirit and leadership abilities can be developed.  We recognize the value and importance of friends, and the loving support and encouragement of family.


Vision & Mission

Our Vision

"To create, nurture and maintain an environment conducive to the pursuit of excellence

Mission Statement

We expect this to be achieved by:

Excellence in learning through:

  • clear learning objectives
  • stimulating modern programmes that provide a variety of enjoyable options
  • teachers providing valuable learning experiences
  • a climate of trust
  • maintaining an appropiate level of encouragement and pressure
  • recognitionof effort and success in all learning areas

The Provision of a Safe Environment for Learning with:

  • self-esteem, self-awareness and encouragement of personal success
  • respect for others
  • respect for cultural differences
  • self-direction and goal-setting
  • life - and career - planning skills
  • social and creative learning skills

Community involvement emphasising

  • partnership with parents,students, staff and public
  • equity of opportunity
  • fairness to all
  • care for the natural environment

Fostering a Spirit of Enquiry involving

  • learning how to learn
  • teaching indepentent learning skills
  • learning how to seek and process information
  • developing creativity in problem solving and expression
  • developing a broad range of interest
  • promoting learning as enjoyable and lifelong


Raise we our voices

and loud let us sing.

High in our hearts

let the clarion ring.

Floreat "Felicitas laborem coronat"

Floreat semper collegium


Life lies before us

with laughter and tears,

Gallantly marching

we'll welcome the years.

This is our motto

to banish our fears.

Floreat "Felicitas laborem coronat"

Floreat semper collegium