Recently in South Africa, particularly in Johannesburg and Durban there have been outbreaks of xenophobic violence. Such behavior has incited fear in not just foreign nationals dwelling in our country, but has also caused much fear amongst the South African Community. So to take a stand and say no to violence and fear directed at our brothers and sisters, General Smuts High School Students are spreading the word. “#StopXenophobia”.




Education - so much more than books

General Smuts High School has throughout its 61 years of existence striven to cultivate well-rounded learners who are willing and able to contribute to the world in a positive and constructive way. In the past General Smuts has produced many leaders in all fields of national and international society, and this tradition of excellence remains an integral part of the Smutsie life today.

Despite the rock solid foundation that General Smuts has to build on the school is not immune to the challenges education faces in our country and indeed the world of today. The world has become intensely competitive and dynamic and this constant change touches the lives of learners and educators alike. “It has become imperative that the Education system in South Africa equips learners with the skills necessary to survive in this ever-changing environment where many uncertainties and challenges sometimes overwhelm our young people”, said Mr Bartie, Principal of General Smuts.

 Under the leadership of Mr Bartie and the deputy principals, Mrs M. Schaller and Mr K. Mare, the educators of General Smuts have committed themselves to not only academic and sporting excellence but also other activities that serve to develop skills and most importantly, nurture a sense of self-worth in learners. Mr Bartie further explained that building up learner self-worth is what motivates the educators to encourage as many learners as possible to participate in a variety of extra-mural and extra-curricular activities. “Learners with a strong sense of self and a positive self-image, do not seek validation in negative activities and behaviour. They are able to contribute to the building and maintaining of a successful society.”





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